ISO Quality Management

ISO Quality Management


The ISO international quality management system is an operational standard that is internationally accepted and established in the United Standard in order to improve the satisfaction of customers in compliance with their needs and wants.

The basic aim of Monrud in introducing this “quality management system” is to provide the highest level of qualified services to our clients peace of mind, while meeting their operational needs. In turn this will make management and the organizing of the company more advanced while improving the overall quality delivered. We strive to always maintain client satisfaction at the highest level, work more effectively and ensure continual improvement in our activities. The quality management system that MONRUD has implemented meets all of the provisions of the ISO 9001, MNS ISO 22000 standards. This includes all services and procurement systems to the field units of our clients.

Monrud has been strictly complying with the following 27 procedures that have been issued in compliance with international and Mongolian standards.

The following requirements have been placed on our food suppliers and we select and cooperate with suppliers that fully meet these requirements:

  • To have dedicated facilities where food products and materials are classified and meet with the national food safety requirements
  • All food products should have a certificate of hygienic analysis
  • All food products being supplied to field units should meet with the standard requirements and guarantee period
  • Food products should be supplied by reliable partners with a long history of cooperation
  • Food products have dedicated packaging
  • For example meat that we buy is graded, has special packaging and meets with the hygienic requirements


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