Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

A team is only as good as its mangers; and leaders who accept nothing but the best yet have a tolerant understanding in the importance of engaging clients, workers and locals with honesty, integrity and transparently are what Monrud have and continue to build our foundation on. Monrud have a pool of local and International management experts who combined decisions on all aspects of our work, strategy and deliverance. Consequently we deliver cross-cultural solutions that are the envy of any static competitor. Our management philosophy is simple;


  • Monrud is a 100% Mongolia owned company established in 1995.
  • Prolific in the mining sector and all peripheries of the industry.
  • Over 60 years experience combining international acumen management
  • Pays specific attention to working conditions whist increasing work effectiveness in improving employees’ occupational standards and knowledge.
  • A coordinated flexibility to issues and problem solving.
  • Offering optimum solutions to effectively carry out operations over many years.
  • Engage the business environment with an openness and consistency to deliver prompt services.
  • Constantly fulfills its obligations to high quality standards according to agreements and production. All our services are delivered on time with proven client satisfaction records.


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