Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Monrud was one of the first companies to enter into the mining procurement services sector, and consistently provides unrivaled operations. We throw ourselves into each application and the specific requirements of our clients in delivering a uniquely personalized partnership through our trained staff with attention to detail and completion.

We provide comfortable harmonious living and work quarters for employees on sites combined coupled with international standard catering practices. By providing better living conditions we enable you the client to focus on your core activities, leaving the administrative duties to us and allowing you to be more productive.

We have successfully introduced professional quality management systems to ISO 9001: 2008 standards in all our full-scale operations, and are continually adopting new ways to improve.

Our management team actively supports OHSE safety systems and ensures full compliance through responsible and supportive management in order to protect our employees while delivering the highest level of service possible.

We actively support local communities by organizing social development activities and providing employment opportunities to local citizens as well as small and medium size enterprises.


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